Cold Rolled Steel Sheets

stainless steel cold rolled sheets

Cold rolled steel sheets are highly suitable to metal forming applications. Tufan Demir Celik offers DC01 and DC03 quality cold rolled sheets between 0,5mm3,00mm thickness. Please contact us for your inquiries.

Cold rolling is a process in which the material takes its final form at room temperatures. This process increases the yield strength and density of the materials as a result. Cold formed steel plates are preferred for their light weight, durability, ease of prefabrication and mass production.

Allowing more accurate detailing, cold rolled sheets are termite and rot proof materials. They are often used in automotive, home appliances and commercial hardware industries. Cold steel sheets are also commonly used in stainless steel furniture for its smooth surface and durability. In the construction industry; roof and wall systems, steel racks for supporting storage pallets are common applications of such material.