Turkish Steel Sector Q1 2021

In Q1 2021, Turkish steel sector experienced increase in steel production, imported steel volumes and steel prices. Major steel producers such as Erdemir beat the quarterly earnings expectations with increasing prices parallel to demand.

Q1 2021 EU Steel Prices Increased

Q1 2021 EU steel prices reflect growing demand for steel from European manufacturing sector’s rapid recovery, and increasingly limited steel supplies.

Turkish Steel Sector Q4 2020

In Q4 2020 Turkish steel sector increased its crude steel production volume and experienced lower volumes of imported steel. Sector-wide normalization became more apparent in this quarter for the steel sector.

EUROMETAL Urges ETC to Reconsider EU Steel Safeguards

EUROMETAL urged ETC to consider two approaches to revise EU Steel Safeguards, which are currently set to expire on June 30th, 2021.

Turkey Considers Antidumping Duties on HRC from EU

The final decision is expected to be announced soon, yet the country has avoided tit-for-tat tariffs on EU steel products in the recent past.

Turkish Steel 2020 Q3

Turkish steel sector’s Q3 2020 crude steel production, and finished steel consumption levels show similarities to the performance back in January.

OECD Concerned About Steel Overcapacity

OECD Steel Committee has discussed issues concerning global steel market outlook, focusing on growing steel overcapacity, trade tensions and impact of COVID-19 pandemic.

The U.S. Steel Sector 2020 H1 Performance

The United States steel sector’s performance has been bumpy due to Covid-19’s impact during 2020 H1 period. Sudden drops in steel production levels, steel imports and exports volumes show clear signs of temporary decline in the sector.

Turkish Steel Sector 2020 H1 Report

In June, Turkish steel sector and steel-using industries’ domestic sales showed positive signs of recovery, potentially increasing the speed of recovery from recent months.

50% U.S. Steel Imports Tariff on Turkish Steel Found Arbitrary

in August 2018, the United States doubled its steel tariffs on Turkish steel imports to 50%, prompting legal challenges by Transpacific Steel to the decision, which was reversed back to 25% in May 2019.