tufan iron and steel welding services

Regardless of the complexity and desired amount your projects may need, Tufan Iron & Steel offers the following manual welding services via its certified  staff who are highly experienced in working with carbon steel and stainless steel material;

Coated Electrode Arc 
Inert Gas

Our company has over four decades of expertise to assist its customers’ supply chain with timely production and delivery of lightweight and heavy assemblies & sub-assemblies for both local and international orders. For our services, order quotes and your inquiries, please contact us.

Arc electrode method creates and maintains an electric arc between an electrode and the base material for melting process.

Inert gas method provides a flame that is less concentrated than electric arc method. This allows slower weld cooling for processes involving high alloy steels.

This fabrication process makes use of temperature at high levels to join metal and thermoplastic materials. Unlike metal welding, soldering and brazing methods differ since they do not melt the base metal.