tufan iron steel cnc bending services

Tufan Demir Celik offers bending services with its highly sensitive CNC machinery. We also provide customized CNC shaping services for specific measurements and dimensions.

The majority of our company’s customers are also benefiting from our company’s CNC machinery based capabilities for their specific needs in their projects. In order to inquire about services and how we can schedule timely delivery, please contact us.

As a cost-effective method of shaping process, this method is commonly used in industrial applications. Lightweight parts such as stainless steel sheets are formed into several shapes including U-shape, V-shape and channel shapes. Electrical enclosures, profiles, hollow section steel products, angles and flat bars are common products that are shaped via sensitive CNC bending.

Parts processed by laser and plasma cutting are delivered to our bending department for further metal shaping to produce components and sub-assemblies for our customers.